At the 2nd Graduate Fashion the school will be represented by Arianna Frison and Aurora Platone


The story begins in the 1950s in Vico Equense. Domenico Lettieri, a little boy, looked with admiration at the elegant foreign tourists who visited the city, he would have liked to be like them, imitate them and get noticed.

He begins his search for well-dressed and tailored suits , so he begins to work in a small shop. But, at the time, tailoring was an almost secret art of which the old tailors were the custodians, who did not like to hand down the trade to the shop boys.

Domenico realizes that the only way to learn is to observe the tailor he works from, trying to steal as many secrets as possible. He begins to specialize starting from  the Neapolitan jacket.

In the 1960s he had the opportunity to join Marzotto, where he discovered that tailoring could also be an industry. In fact, in those years the tailor’s shop began to stay close to the needs of people, who want comfort and choice. Domenico Lettieri feels that mass production is an opportunity to give new life to tailoring , because the industry needs specialized figures.

He approaches a geometric method to create models that are always proportionate to the size and shape, and decides to import it to Naples, but making the method more streamlined and less mathematical , to the point of creating an evolution that will become a patented modeling method.




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